Company Profile

globimpex-logoGlobimpex was founded as a trading & trade development consulting organization for trade development between foreign firms or authorities and potential Hungarian counter-partners aiming to play significant roles in international development including cooperation with non – governmental organizations too.
The basic philosophy is to support all the activities that may be interesting for the partners in the field of technical-commercial cooperation and also with civil, non-governmental organizations to integrate the European development model to third countries, in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.
Our "customer tailored" development strategy, proposals, consulting and services or co- operational guidance will be worked out on the basis of the requirement of our partners. This activity is in conformity with the international development principles and also targeting to establish the preconditions of sustainable development.
Considering the existing multilateral and bilateral instruments of the international development cooperation, our company's philosophy is to strengthen the capacities first of all, in bilateral development especially where that had been accumulated during the past decades.
During the past years we have laid down the basis of close cooperation with the relevant local authorities, Chambers of Commerce and industrial partners together with state owned financial institutes to collect regularly the necessary and updated information regarding the possibilities that will be opened in the frame of international development.