Main Areas of the Trading & Consulting Assistance

(Proposal of the Cooperation in General by Sector)

The cooperation is focusing on those sectors and areas where Hungary may have comparative advantages.

1. Experience-sharing in the political-economic transition (establishment and operation of democratic structures, creating conditions for the transition to a free-market economy, privatization, providing assistance to small- and medium-sized enterprises, the application of the criteria of good governance).
2. Knowledge transfer, knowledge-based assistance (methodological procedures, know-how, software, transfer of organizational and planning methods, IT, etc.).
3. Education (university and postgraduate), training of experts and technicians, developing curriculum, organizing distance learning.
4. Health services (planning, equipping, and running of hospitals and polyclinics, birth control, combating epidemics, etc.)
5. Agriculture (dissemination of state-of-the-art plant and animal breeding methods, seed improvement, plant hygiene - plant protection, freshwater fish breeding, forestation programs, farm development plans, biotechnology, agro-meteorology, training of specialists and engineers in farming-related areas), food industry (planning of slaughterhouses.).
6. Water management and water resources development, planning and providing technical advice (reservoirs and barrages, water purification plants, planning of dikes, inland drainage, exploration and assessment of water stocks, etc.).
7. General infrastructure.
8. General and transport engineering activity, cartography.
9. Environmental protection.
10. Vehicle industry (rail, road, traffic control & planning, spare parts, assembling, etc.).