Items & Services


Steel and alu (high and low pressure) gas cylinders and accessories for common or industrial use as per the customer's requirement

Drinking and industrial water cleaning (bacteriological-also mobile versions), arsenic removal technology, industrial and irrigation water drills, thermal water wells for therapy

Air cargo sw applications for airports, airlines, cargo agents, booking agencies

Digital Voice recording&storing systems for airports, governmental services, emergency services call centers etc.

Card systems (card production, chip card personalization, personalization of documents, web monitoring) complex IT solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, airport-identification and tracking of luggages, healtcare applications, personal identification etc.)

Border management and monitoring system (number plate recognition, biometric e-passport reader, mobile passport readers – LAN, GPS/GPRS, WIFI based)

Contraband detection equipment for border guard, low enforcement services

UAV (V-TOL system)

Agricultural produce (grain, weat, livestock, processed products, technology, feed premixes, concentrates, prestarter feeds and other feed supplements for every livestock.

Seed and grain processing technology

Solar/wind energy solutions

Waste management

Hematology analyzers&diagnostic equipment

Crude oil and oil product stockpiling

Didital mass measuring network of rails sensors, industrial mesurement

Geothermal heat pumps, technology

Educational cooperation (including online DBA courses at our accredited institutes)

Cooperation with NGOs (like Hungarian AHU, ASHU, LATIMO)

Through our govt. licensed contractual partner company we are offering special defence releted items & services (subject to export license) for governmental agencies.